Crystal Ball

As was with the “Clock”, here too the challenge posed by Sci-Fi Channel was to explore an inner as opposed to the outer dimension of science fiction. Being an ardent creation myths devotee, one incessantly curious about mysteries of universe, I elected to fuse the two with yet another.

Human hunger for understanding often results in us shaping our own answers to what we do not know. The unknown seems much to intimidating, overwhelming and unnerving. To that end we even resort to finding and defining answers where there are none. Fortune teller’s crystal ball is the ultimate symbol of our determination to know, and thus avoid what we do not know. Its’ translucent and yet mysterious depths, its magical power to alter the reality seen through its glassy dimensions, its bubbly imperfections, floating with like infinitesimal planets within a glass universe, make it into a looking glass into the unknown. As such it acts as a reflection and a magnifying glass of our imagination.

Crystal Ball: encapsulating, focusing and reflecting the power of human curiosity, imagination and wonder. It also represents a yet another SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre selection as well as an award winner at European “Imagina” international computer animation festival.