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“Gravity Free & Reality-Independent” unveils creative & academic projects, artwork, photography, animation, drawing, creative concept, exhibit designs, Imagination Workshops enthused by Gravity Free & Reality Independent ideation.

As artist/designer/director I created imaginative concepts, designs, art, innovative proposals and short animated films for: MTV, SCI-FI, Smithsonian, Nickelodeon, ABC, NBC, Ajinomoto, PBS, HBO, AT&T, NGS, FX/M, UNICEF, BIC, Noggin, Showtime, Sesame and others. Many won international awards. SIGGRAPH Theatre presented my 3 films. I won a Guggenheim Fellow and Jerome grants. My photography exhibited by MvVO ‘20 @ Oculus, Westfield, NYC. I presented “Imagine” @ Emerging Innovation Summit, Australia. In April I exhibit @ VIDAK ‘22 International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Seoul, Korea. In May ‘22 I joined Villa-R International Artist Residency, Sicily. June-Oct artwork exhibited @ Human Rights AIAPI-UNESCO, Italy. In Sept I exhibited art, photography, drawing & conduct Master Class @ Qatar International Art Festival ‘22. Articles devoted to my art practice published by: Artventurous Magazine ’22 & ’23 and Global Art Times, May ’23;  Creative Quarterly CQ71 Award Winner Aug ’23.  M.A.D.S Gallery has exhibited my artwork in: Milan, Canary Island & La PEDRERA Gaudi Room, Barcelona, Spain and recently in “Caos” Aug ‘23. US State Dept. selected 3 of my photos for the “Impact of Exchange” exhibition Sept ’23 to ’24. SIA Summit Creative Awards ’23 and the iPhone IPPAWARDS, both announcements are forthcoming 2023.

In the academic career I designed, directed, consulted to and established new creative programs at: Pratt; Columbia U; RMCAD, where I founded “International Animation” and ASIFA-CO; and CCS where I was granted full professor. Invited by NTU, I spearheaded curriculum and building design for the new School of Art, Design & Media. Then also oversaw launch of the School of Technology for the Arts, both in Singapore. As Visiting Professor, I was invited to Kadir Has, Istanbul; Kyoto University, Japan. As endowed Ko Guan Chair to Beijing University. In both creative and academic projects, I forever focus on inspiring imagination, self-discovery, experimentation, ideation sparking empowerment and hunger for creative self-expression. Feb ‘23 as Fulbright Grantee I conducted a month of Imagination Workshops @ women university, Pakistan

I see imagination as the Origin of inspiration, individuality, ideation, innovation and invention. Imagination Workshops I conduct explore Creator’s sways in probing ideas, metamorphic stories, worlds of un-realities and ways of visualizing them. These I’ve conducted in: Germany, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, S. Korea, UAE, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, China, Cuba, USA.

Travel has exposed me to cultures, lifestyles and enriching realities inspiring my passion for photography as well as art and concept design. My photography from Ireland, Peru, Thailand, Taiwan, Oman, Cambodia, Japan, China, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, France, Spain and Sicily are seeking exhibiting and publishing.

Seamlessly fusing reality & virtuality into a dimension inspiring imagination, I design concepts probing new horizons and ways to entertain, learn, design exhibits, perform, play or fuse interactivity, VR or AR into the “magic wand” enabling us to envision fantastic “un-realities” as far reaching as our imagination allows us. Within them, by controling chemical & physical properties of one’s worlds, we become the ultimate Creator.

I seek technical and practical support for project ideas probing “gravity free & reality independent prospects.
As a Fulbright Specialist till Oct ‘24, I welcome worldwide cultural, science museums, academic and artistic institutions or festivals attracted to my Imagination Workshops, creative or academic projects and designs.

Recent Events


International Virtual Art Exhibition, “Boundles Echoes”, at in the Metaverse. Created by Eunoia, The Curators Collective. Click  to Visit the Exhibition now!

February 2024

International Virtual Art Exhibition, “Boundless Echoes”, at in the Metaverse. Created by Eunoia, The Curators Collective.

February 2024

Catalogue for the International Virtual Art Exhibition, “Boundless Echoes”. Created by Eunoia, The Curators Collective.

January 2024

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (CACM) Interview about my philosophy as it relates to my creative and academic practices. 

October 2023

M.A.D.S. Gallery International Exhibition “Message from (h)eart”.
“Torment” + “Equilibrium” projected on giant digital billboard @ Time Square, NYC

October 2023

M.A.D.S. Gallery International Exhibition “Message from (h)eart”. Montage of physical gallery, metaverso and Time Square, NYC

September 2023

Summit International Award: “Museorbium” Bronze Award for the “Best Idea Never Produced”

August 2023

IPPAWARDS-iPhone Photography Awards, Honorable Mention in 2023 Architecture Category

August 2023

M.A.D.S. Gallery Worldwide Exhibition “CAOS”, Will exhibit two of my artworks

August 2023

Creative Quarterly (CQ71). Winner and 2 runner-up for my 3 artworks. Issue 71 published and exhibited August 2023.

February 2023

M.A.D.S. Gallery International Exhibition “Interferences”, Exhibited three of my artworks

February 2023

M.A.D.S. Gallery International Exhibition “Interferences”, Video of Interactive Screen allowing exploration of artworks


distributed worldwide and focused on international Art & Design events. Article published Spring 2023.

May 2023

Global Art Times, Published by the Asset Times. May 2023 edition, article devoted to my creative activities including five of my artworks.

Early 2023

Fulbright Special Program,
Grantee Announcement for UHE in Pakistan.


US. Department of State, Global Ties, U.S. Office of Alumni Affairs. “Impact of Exchange: Nationwide Exhibition includes my 3 photographs from Pakistan, Opening Fall 2023 till Fall 2024.

September 2022

ARTVENTUROUS Magazine, focused on international Art & Design events, distributed worldwide. Article published Fall 2022.

September 2022

QIAF 2022 International Art Festival, Doha, Qatar,
Invitation to exhibit my art, photography and drawings.

September 2022

QIAF 2022 International Art Festival, Doha, Qatar,
Invitation to conduct a Master Class, “Imagine”.

June-Oct 2022

AIAPI Human Rights? #No Gap, Italy, exhibited “Equilibrium” at this International event organized in collaboration with UNESCO.

May 2022

Villa R – Residency for Artists and Creative Minds, Invitation to International Artist Residency, Messina, Sicily, Italy.

April 2022

VIDAK 2022 International Invitation Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea, Invitation to exhibit my poster art.

August 2021

EIS ’21 Emerging Innovation Summit, Australia. Invitation to present “Imagine”.

October 2020

MvVO international Exhibition at the Oculus, Westfield World, World Trade Center, NYC.

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