Imagination Workshops


Born with vibrant imagination, growing, we often lose desire to dream, risk or explore potentials outside the norm. Thus our imagination falls into hibernation. Imagination workshops re-awake and reignite creativity and joy of imagining. Discussions, brainstorming and assignments spark reflection seeding self-discovery fueling ideation and hunger for creative self-expression. “Gravity Free & Reality Independent” ideation empowers imagination to roam free, unbound by time or space, unveiling new perspectives and points of view.

Folio of Imagination Workshops ART

I have conducted my workshops for participants of diverse cultures, ages, educational and professional backgrounds. The Folio contains simple matchstick sketches and refined artistic images. Whether participants had artistic talents or none at all, their outcomes can be as powerful and expressive.

“Self-Portrait from Within”

Who are you deep inside and what makes you uniquely YOU?

“Visions of Hell & Heaven”

Based on your inmost hopes or fears, imagine what has never been seen.

“Our World After the Next World War”

What would be left and how would our reality be altered forever?

“World of Your Creation”

Envision a uniquely own, gravity free & reality independent world or life forms.

Workshop Photos

I have conducted Workshops and Presentations in: Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Korea, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, Cuba, USA, UAE and China.

As Fulbright Specialist, I am looking forward to more such empowering and enriching opportunities.