Living Lab

It is conceived as a microcosmic platform for innovation in creative media content, entertainment technology and the impact of interactivity on the future of entertainment. Its physical design reflects a methodology for innovation in interactive media and related technologies.

Within the lab, a “Yin and Yang” synergy melds the ideas that are sparked during the brainstorming between creative content people and innovative technologists, eager to realize their mutual aspirations. The resulting fusion propels the Living Lab ecosystem: a self-perpetuating, progressive cycle where creative content and evolving technologies are inspired, experimented on, and then developed into initial versions. Put before the public, these initial versions are played with and tested. The public’s feedback leads to redefining, refining or re-inventing the “experience”. Initial concepts either successfully forge ahead and evolve or are challenged to explore alternative approaches.

By engaging and empowering the audience to challenge the project’s early development instigates the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Living Lab and its dynamic ecosystem. Ultimately, within this contagiously inventive atmosphere entirely new concepts are perpetually inspired and germinated. This converts Living Lab into a creative haven drawing global talent, inspiring and cultivating innovative concepts defining new entertainment technologies able to bring such multi-genre content to life.

Nick Brew

Conceived as an all-encompassing platform the Living Lab incorporates into its methodology the following enriching aspects that magnify its potency and effectiveness:

Interdisciplinary Think Tank: where brainstorming between technology innovators and creative thinkers inspire each other’s imagination, enriching and advancing futuristic challenges into compelling solutions.

Fusion Prototyping Studio: develops and implements the Think Tank’s concepts and converts a gamut of individual, futuristic concepts and solutions into potent “first version” realities.

Interactive Creative Playground: where creative content, interfaces and technology are unveiled for public interaction and tested. The feedback triggers cycles of improvement and refinement, resulting in validation that leads ultimately to successful commercialization.

Entertainment Attraction: premiering a unique, powerful, entertainment experience—the final result of fusing the various individual innovations in ways that complement and magnify each other.

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