Maginarium has been inspired by our experience in education where we have seen the undeniable benefits of actively engaging the student in a creative environment. It is an enriching environment for investigation, innovation and the advancement of education through the arts, interactivity and science. As an experimental beaker, it will allow interdisciplinary researchers in education, psychology, science and the arts to probe and perfect innovative methodologies for tomorrow’s education. Once proven, these methodologies will permeate the educational system at large, changing our notions of teaching and learning.

Within Maginarium, students, teachers and researchers are empowered through multidisciplinary arts and sciences that are magnified by interactive, virtual, real-time, immersive exploits. The learning environment is a blend of traditional and futuristic thinking in arts and sciences.

Global artists, educators, researchers, scientists and technologists will be attracted to Maginarium as a “life laboratory” where their creative, academic, artistic or research concepts are refined in synergy with kids. Maginarium will attract the support of artistic, cultural, academic and performing arts organizations, as well as museums and science and technology research foundations.

The following exemplify some of Maginarium’s creative aspirations:

AR Chemistry Lab: science can be magically enticing and empowering to young minds when approached and designed from the child’s point of view and interest. In the AR Lab a child is a young scientist, free to explore chemistry, physics and the magic of science, while advancing the power of his or her own imagination, all without confines imposed by reality and rules of safety restraining natural curiosity and desire for experimentation. Given properties driven by artificial intelligence (such as weight, consistency, color) chemicals can feel and behave in a realistic manner, as they would in reality but without its pragmatic constraints.

VR Playdoh: Fuses a child’s creative and scientific interests while encouraging synergies between them. It transforms a child’s ideas into amazing virtual reality, to explore and experiment without limits imposed by reality and physical gravity. With a VR Playdoh sculpture a child assigns a chosen material different physical dynamics and charac-teristics, exploring its alchemic potentials. Altering given parameters or properties will convert one matter into another or form a new one. Reactions between the elements will initiate new colors, textures, properties, substances or sounds, inspiring new ideas and experimentation.

Become a Beast Master: represents a wonderful method for educating kids in various, related disciplines of science. By either taking on roles of existing animals, or inventing their own magical creatures, young explorers will be able to bring these to animated life through their own motions and actions. Parameters driven by artificial intelligence and embedded into animals or creatures will allow kids to experience what it is like to move and “be” the being they have stepped into. Kids will feel the sensations and learn to understand the correlation between physics, natural laws, environment and size, anatomy, weight and dynamics of the creatures they designed, created and now control.

Accidental Interactive Storytelling: Unrestrained by the current limits of certain technologies Maginarium will explore and use them to its advantage. For example, speech recognition mistakes made by the system will challenge young tellers to improvise by incorporating misunderstood images into an evolving story performance, in real time. As a result of this humorous process, the unexpected will become the only norm. While inspiring imagination in all ages, this concept empowers creative thinking in both the arts and innovative technologies.

Maginarium’s aims are bound to draw support from artistic, academic, cultural and technological organizations, museums, humanitarian and scientific research foundations. Cultivated within, young Renaissance talent, future creative thinkers, innovators and visionaries will impact the world of entertainment, media, game, arts, technology, science and education at large. 

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