AR Art Quest

How sad it is to watch museum visitors wander through galleries, passing by artifacts without relating to them, being impacted, provoked or enriched by objects representing the greatest achievements of human civilization. As new forms of portable entertainment cause decline of museum visitors, it is critical to find inspiring ways of attracting new generations by making their visits, and engagement with art, more alluring and stimulating to their minds and senses.

Picasso’s “Guernica” is shown just as an example of what can be created for any and all of any museum’s collections.

By simply putting on either AR goggles or the new Google glasses, individual museum visitor would be empowered to embark on a discovery of the world, time, historic setting and actual contexts that inspired a given artist to create his or her painting, sculpture or installation. Such imagery would come to life (as photographic stills or a documentary video or be created specifically for given exhibits. This personalized exploration will dramatically enrich impact art is capable of making on visitors, while enriching their appreciation and awareness of history and their cultural heritage.

By injecting visitors into the art, enabling an experience of being there, museum would unveil a taste of the larger world shown within the frame. This would make the art connected through time to us, even centuries or millenniums later. It would transform a given museum into a futuristic “time machine”, and visitors into its voyagers through time.

Simultaneously, such a concept would liberate museums from the restrains of their physicality and spatial limitations.

Nick Brew

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