Human Virus

Whenever we think of viruses, we perceived them as invasive or d dangerous to our health stability, routine, comforts, wellbeing, way of life and our status quo. Hence they, understandably, become our enemy, one to counterattack, conquer and destroy.

All these reactions project perception of a virus from human perspective. De we ever consider the reverse point of view – that of the Nature at large, a vast ecosystem of which we are only a part of? Instead, we have grown to see Nature as its masters, the overlords of our planet and all of the living things we are supposed to share it with. Our attempts at doing so are contradicted by a multitude of factors proving that we are playing our role grievously, and not just for our sake, but for “our” planet and all of it life forms.

It is time to depose this attitude and instead view reality via an opposite lens. Thus, I propose an exhibition that sees human species as the virus to the Nature and all of the Earth facets. For we are the invaders, oppressors and calamity to our planet’s ecosystem, threatening its chance of survival. We have contaminated air, waters, oceans, forests, lands, animals, climate, the entire ecology supporting life on Earth.

If such an exhibit can immerse us in ways Nature “sees” us us as the threat to its existence then, maybe, this will open our eyes and penetrate our minds deeply enough to act and correct our attitudes? The current Covid-19 virus, as did the 1918 flu, are mighty enough to pause humanity in its selfish path of progress, briefly. Maybe seeing ourselves a minute germ infecting Nature at large, could make us realize how destructive we have become to all and everything we depend on?

In the time of current pandemic, when we are so thrown off balance, we might be willing to consider the Nature’s point of view instead of ours and our alone? It is vital that grasp, feel and experience deeply our multifaceted, destructive impact from the perspective of animals, oceans, air, plants, forests, lands we tear apart, or any other elements our action impact upon.

To be fully potent such an exhibit should not be local but global, luring participation and contribution of as many science centers worldwide as possible, connecting us all interactively, immersively and in real time. After all this is not a local threat but a global one. And, as we readying to propel humanity into space, we ought to consider potential of them spreading human virus beyond the Earth, which we have damaged so.

Such an exhibit should not be a traditional one, relying on us to read while progressing from one display to another, offering us control over comfortably absorb information at our own pace. Instead it ought to be totally immersive, oppressively besieging 4D surrounding experience impacting and felt through all of our senses. To be truly effective and penetrating, visitors must see, feel and perceive themselves as a potent virus, an ultimate, inescapable threat to existence, enemy to all life forms we come in contact with.

An artist, designer, ideation fervent about inspiring imagination and self-reflection, I foresee mighty potentials for impact in such a vital undertaking. At the very least, this experience may cause us to pose and reflect on how viral our nature has become to Nature at large.

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