In an effort to further enrich visitor’s experience and SCS’s impact on enlightening their minds, lives and futures, as well as to empower them as interactive co-creators and contributors in storytelling, I propose creating an ensuing all-embracing immersive experience outlined beneath.

This represents a proposal for an interactive, immersive and sensory experience empowering individual, or groups, to explore and experiment with issues of imbalance and its critical impact on such diverse themes as: geological, climatic, biological, psychological, mental, economic, financial, social, racial, cultural, educational, ideological, political, military, wealth and others.

Enabling visitors to personally, or jointly shift the scales of balance, either way, will empower them to transform reality as it is, and as they have been taking for granted. Thus, it would become an eye and mind opening awakening, sobering, emotionally and intellectually enlightening and, hopefully enriching as well as empowering experience. Ideally, it would also expose them to others distant circumstances and unknown, until now, realties, circumstances and their potential dynamic impact on their own existence as we as foreseeable future of both, and everyone else.

At the same time, by making their experience entirely 4D as well as 360° immersive, haptic, atmospheric, auditory, tactual and sensory in all the ways possible, they will find themselves challenged by various short and long term, transformative, or even disastrous circumstances potentially altering their future, wellbeing, individual, national, regional or even global prospects.

Gaining such an awareness, through a face-to-face interactive encounter creating a fully tactual sensory experience, will force them to consider their place, role, responsibility and prospective consequential impact on all forms of ecological, symbiotic and other forms of relative relationships between all and everything that shapes our current reality or ways we existence it.

This experience would bring the awesomeness of knowledge and power of science to life through a fully immersive, interactive and 4D surround life. While a hypothetical simulation, its impact would spark imagination, inspiring young minds, simultaneously awakening personal aspirations and visions for each individual’s aspirations, goals and potentially even their own missions in life.

Results gathered from ideas and exploits of the visitors could greatly enrich SCS’s further exhibit themes as well as inform educational systems in their curricular and pedagogical methodologies.

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