Sci Fi Channel Non-Gravity

Sci-Fi request for On-Air ID concepts came with no restriction but one; originate ideas that do not occur in deep space but the inner, psychological dimension within our minds. Believing that however unique we are as individuals, as humans we share many feelings, fears, doubts and questions keeping us awake. With that assumption I created several concepts, one focused on fear of death, another questioning origin of all, and one which imagines what may happen if our plant’s gravity seizes to exist, an idea not only possible but probable, yet rarely considered. My first concept turned into an award winning “Sci-Fi Clock”, the second into the “Sci-Fi Crystal Ball”, an equality prized Network ID. The third, the “Sci-Fi Non-Gravity” still awaits hatching. It reflects human fears mixed with curiosity and desires for the unknown and impossible and, yearning to escape gravity and reality which restrain us. While awaiting its realization, the idea kept brewing eventually evolving into a proposed “Non Gravity Theme Park Ride” I would love to experience.

Nick Brew

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