Imaginopolis represents a Visionary Socio-Economic Ecosystem Architectural Concept of a Metropolis of Groundbreaking Innovation for the Next World’s Leader. It signifies an innovation city fueled by ecological system & interdisciplinary innovation sparking human progress.

Nick Brew

© Copyright 2009 Alchydea

“Imaginopolis” reflects infinite power of imagination, oasis of where dreams come true, the ultimate beginning, the instant within which infinite potential are unleashed and imagination is born to roam free. Impossibility becomes reality. It signifies the Big Bang explosion of energy and creative powers, a dawn of a new future for our imagination.

Rays of energy, act as city’s skyscrapers and conduits for powerful lights radiating from within. Spheres symbolize solar systems and galaxies. Around it all speeds an amazing rollercoaster intertwined with, running around, above the structures and underwater. Riders plunge in from the highest points in the sky, only to be propelled up into the air again. City structure rests upon water seemingly floating over it, while extending below it. Reflections of the whole city ought to be breathtakingly amazing.

New Big Bang follows condensation of current universe into a black void resulting in birth of a new universe. This one acts as a stylized, beautifully poetic performance choreographed like Busby Berkeley’s kaleidoscopic musical ballet of creation. New born particles, comets, gasses and planets are propelled forth. Hot planets gently land on water forming ripples and steam halos. Their entrance if followed by radiant emergence of the Rays of light. Thus the Imaginopolis’s concept design comes to being, all radiating with the inner heat.

With all elements in place the Origin opens like a blooming flower releasing comets and energy, a dimensional radiating dandelion, while also turning it from a hot planet into lights emitting Celestial structure as Ray become skyscrapers emitting light beams reflected in the water.

As camera floats over and in-between, Celestials and Rays undergo transformation into a reality. Comets form a rollercoaster intertwined with the city and water. One car aims toward camera, absorbing. As other cars speed by us, we fly up to the sky, above the city concluding its creation. Reaching the apex, we propel downwards toward the water. Penetrating it we discover undersea Imaginopolis while above the water piercing coaster forms beautiful water splash. Amazing fireworks celebrate its creation. The entire Imaginopolis, now as a reality, is reflected in water. Camera pulls back as rays of rising Sun paint Imaginopolis into a breathtaking vision. It’s the New Dawn and a new beginning.

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