MUSEORBIUM represents a 4D immersive and interactive physical entertainment environment evolved around an adventure: “Odyssey” acting as a “time portal” into infinite power of imagination, storytelling, cultural heritage and arts that have shaped our past and are forging our future. Spanning from a creation myth and ending in the futuristic tomorrow the “Odyssey” seamlessly propels us through the ages defined by the most memorable stories derived from a given culture and depicting its imagination, spirit, evolution and character. The intensely immersive and interactive journey transforms the visitors: “Voyagers” into active protagonists within the stories, awakening a child within, inspiring imagination, dreams and creative ideas. Museorbium will immortalize and promote the host country’s cultural and artistic heritage, critical to its identity, character, creative empowerment and diversity. It will fuse a host country’s vision for the future with aspirations in creative media, arts, cultural identity, entertainment technologies, IP, tourism or resorts. Museorbium establishes a powerful physical and intellectual synergy between creative media and entertainment driven by imagination, interactive storytelling and innovative research into entertainment technologies that, fused together, make creativity and imagination come to life for all to experience, be immersed in, interact with, be impacted and enriched by. Museorbium also will offer a creative “Playground of the Future” an innovative, interactive, high technology environment where, upon completion of their “Odyssey” visitors can explore their just awaken ideas and bring their own dreams to life.

Nick Brew

Concept Design for Museorbium Experience

Nick Brew

The Odyssey Journey

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