AR Thrill

Children live in our heads, ignorant of rules and restrains of reality as is. In play, they inject life, thoughts and emotions into toys, again to escape daily reality. These toys become a mirror, an extension of who we are or, more importantly, would like to be, or to modify it to their own desires. As adults many of us continue to dream of being magicians able to transform reality we do not like or feel shackled by, for it curbs wings of our imagination. Since we can not escape reality all together, would it not be amazing to augment it with our ideas and visions of what life should be? Unleashing imagination, this concept seamlessly fuses tactual reality with animated virtuality into a unique reality of our own creation. Creatures we imagine would be digitized and infused with VR life, empowering us as magicians transforming reality unleashing our imagination.

Nick Brew

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