VR Roller Coaster

As adults we either conform to rules of reality, or strive to elude it. This desire for freedom inspired AR, VR and MR. We escape into such artificial spaces to become mighty warriors or magicians we have always wished to be. While reality and gravity restrain and hold us down, in Virtual Rollercoaster Ride we could alter chemical and physical properties of the world we enter. Altering its parameters would not just transform the look and feel of the fantastical world but the physical dynamics of our ride within it. This on the fly controls available to all online players, would make the ride unpredictably and infinitely thrilling. My design illustrates a slowly evolving lava world where the ride tracks rap around the giant mutating globs haunted by riders devouring creatures. But, at any time, these globs can transform into dark oceans full of mystical creatures, or raging fires or twister tornados, instantly mutating the world and dynamics of a ride we are catapulting through into the ever unknown and unpredictable.

Nick Brew

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