Thanksgiving for Nickelodeon

Assignment given by the Nickelodeon was to create wintertime “Holiday Season” Station ID without referencing to religious symbols. Considering the fact that most religion is at the core of most of the western holidays, this posed an interesting conceptual challenge. Furthermore, since Nickelodeon is about inspiring child’s imagination, a touch of magic plus a potent dose of imagination was also called for. To top it off, a “somewhat” limited budget compounded this request into a formidable but also exciting challenge. The eventual outcome revolves around a spirit, mood and ambience of the holiday session and traditions. However what makes this short visual poem successful is the way it captures child’s mind’s eye and inspires them to explore their world through the eyes of imagination. By creating an animated world within a yet larger world, to eventually unveil these to exist within a plain “snow shaker” audience is invited is to look closer at all that is around them and to explore its magical potentials.

Nick Brew

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